Wowway Channel List: Never Miss Your Favorite Show Again!

Wowway Channel List

If you’re seeking a comprehensive list of Wowway cable TV channels list, we’ve compiled a complete guide here. Included are the channel names and numbers to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Wowway is a cable tv, internet and home phone service provider serving customers in ohio, michigan, and illinois. With numerous tv channels available, it is crucial to stay updated with the current channel lineup to make sure you don’t miss your favorite shows.

The channel list can differ based on your location, so it is essential to check the correct one. You can find the most recent channel list on wowway’s website or by calling their customer service department. Wowway offers various cable tv packages at reasonable prices, including local channels, premium channels, sports channels, kids channels, and much more.

WOW Cable TV Channel Lineup

ABC (WLS)72007
Action MAX464771
American Heroes Channel331349
Animal Planet53226343
Antenna TV (WGN)19760
BBC America74214107
BBC World News305290330
BET Her357640
Big Ten Network87221241
Big Ten Network 2344242
Big Ten Network 3345243
Bounce TV (WCIU)19668
Broadcast TV OnDemand320299
Buzzr (WFLD)13251
Cartoon Network64256430
CBS (WBBM)22012
CBS Sports Network85242207
CBS Sports Network161988
CMT Music327655
Comedy Central39280111
Cooking Channel318268517
Court TV (WGN)19561
Cozi (WMAQ)13035
CW (WCIU)620710
Destination America307270521
Discovery Channel48225340
Discovery Family321260433
Discovery Life303520
Disney Channel44255400
Disney Junior350402
Disney XD324257401
ESPN Classic338202
FCS Atlantic+340245
FCS Central+341246
FCS Pacific+342247
Food Network69217515
FOX (WFLD)32023
FOX Business82251
FOX Business82251304
FOX News Channel59248303
FOX Soccer Plus+343230
FOX Sports 190234204
Government Access4923
Government Access4949
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries71288493
HBO Comedy408416704
HBO Family406415703
HBO OnDemand412
HBO Signature404414702
HBO Zone409417705
Heroes and Icons (WCIU)16967
Hillsong Channel185458
Independent (WGN)92069
Independent (WJYS)1313
Investigation Discovery83253346
ION Television (WCPX)1220812
Jewelry TV1828
Jewelry TV18525
Jewelry TV 2190
Lifetime Movie Network56275501
Lifetime Real Women315502
Local Programming2525
Local X (WMAQ)13136
LOCALish (WLS)21945
Marquee Sports Network79271217
MeTV (WWME)19866
MGM HD++213672
Movies! (WFLD)19950
MTV Classic360647
Music Choice – 70’s528970
Music Choice – 80’s527969
Music Choice – 90’s526968
Music Choice – Adult Alternative515957
Music Choice – Alternative514956
Music Choice – Blues545987
Music Choice – Classic Country533975
Music Choice – Classic Rock517959
Music Choice – Classical Masterpieces548990
Music Choice – Contemporary Christian534976
Music Choice – Country Hits532974
Music Choice – Dance/EDM502944
Music Choice – Easy Listening547989
Music Choice – Gospel510952
Music Choice – Hip-Hop & R&B504946
Music Choice – Hip-Hop Classics506948
Music Choice – Hit List500942
Music Choice – Indie503945
Music Choice – Jazz544986
Music Choice – Kidz Only!523965
Music Choice – Light Classical549991
Music Choice – Love Songs519961
Music Choice – Max501943
Music Choice – Metal513955
Music Choice – Mexicana537979
Music Choice – Musica Urbana536978
Music Choice – Party Favorites521963
Music Choice – Pop & Country530972
Music Choice – Pop Hits520962
Music Choice – Pop Latino535977
Music Choice – R&B Classics508950
Music Choice – R&B Soul509951
Music Choice – Rap505947
Music Choice – Reggae511953
Music Choice – Rock512954
Music Choice – Rock Hits516958
Music Choice – Romances539981
Music Choice – Singers & Swing546988
Music Choice – Smooth Jazz543985
Music Choice – Soft Rock518960
Music Choice – Solid Gold Oldies529971
Music Choice – Sounds of the Season540982
Music Choice – Soundscapes542984
Music Choice – Stage & Screen541983
Music Choice – Teen Beats522964
Music Choice – Throwback Jamz507949
Music Choice – Today’s Country531973
Music Choice – Toddler Tunes524966
Music Choice – Tropicales538980
Music Choice – Y2K525967
MyNet (WPWR)82048
NatGeo Wild316266342
National Geographic72228341
NBC (WMAQ)52035
NBC Sports Chicago65220215
NBC Sports Chicago Plus97297216
NBC Sports Network86212206
NFL Network351292220
NFL RedZone+352293221
Nick 2322405
Nick Jr.325404
Olympic Channel332235
OnDemand Adult656
OnDemand Cutting Edge335
OnDemand Events700
OnDemand HD229
OnDemand Health and Lifestyles311
OnDemand here!*473
OnDemand Karaoke*552
OnDemand Kids Unlimited310
OnDemand More Music551
OnDemand Movies610
OnDemand Music550
OnDemand Premium398
OnDemand Signature Exclusives313
OnDemand Sports337
OnDemand TV Entertainment312
OnDemand WOW!1
Outdoor Channel+347271
Paramount Network57239109
PBS (WTTW)1120511
Positiv TV186459
PPV – En Espanol604
PPV – Hot Choice632
PPV – iN DEMAND 1633
PPV – iN DEMAND 2634
PPV – iN Demand Events HD631
PPV – iN DEMAND Previews399
PPV – Juicy651
PPV – Penthouse652
PPV – Real654
PPV – Xtsy650
SEC Network353248
SHO 2*432452721
SHO Extreme*438455727
SHO Next*444723
SHO Women*448725
SHO x BET*436726
Showtime Family Zone*446724
Showtime OnDemand**450
Showtime Showcase*434453722
Smithsonian Channel380265361
SonLife Network194454
Start TV (WBBM)17240
STARZ Cinema*492741
STARZ Comedy*482742
STARZ Edge*483496743
STARZ ENCORE Action*486478747
STARZ ENCORE Black*489479748
STARZ ENCORE Classic*488750
STARZ ENCORE Family*490751
STARZ ENCORE Suspense*487752
STARZ ENCORE Westerns*485753
STARZ ENCORE*480477746
STARZ In Black*484497745
STARZ Kids & Family*491498744
STARZ OnDemand**494
Sundance TV75296670
Telemundo (WSNS)42244
Telexitos (WSNS)13355
The Movie Channel Xtra*442729
The Movie Channel*440439728
The Movie Channel**451
The U (WCIU)17065
The Weather Channel62263325
The Word Network379453
Travel Channel93264518
Turner Classic Movies43238668
TV Land67113
Universal Kids309259409
USA Network29233100
WE tv61294504
WGN America162262110

Wow Way Channel lineup by Regions




Panama City


Fort Gordon









Here are the top must-have channels that should grace your wowway channel list:

  1. Hbo: Home box office is a premium channel that showcases blockbuster movies, thrilling tv series such as game of thrones, and documentaries. It’s the perfect channel for movie lovers, and with shows like westworld, it’s an excellent place for sci-fi fanatics.
  2. Espn: The sports channel that needs no introduction. With live sporting events, highlights, and in-depth analysis of your favorite sports, espn will keep you up-to-date on all the happenings in the sports world. Whether you are into football, baseball, or basketball, espn has got you covered.
  3. Discovery channel: An informative and educational channel that explores science, history, and nature. It offers a wide range of captivating documentaries that will leave you in awe of the world we live in. From shark week to gold rush, you’ll never be bored with discovery channel.
  4. Cnn: As a reliable news source, cnn is dedicated to bringing you the most important news stories happening around the world. It has a team of seasoned journalists who keep you updated on current events, politics, weather, and more. Tune into cnn to stay informed.
  5. Fx: This channel is for anyone who loves drama, suspense, and high-intensity shows. From american horror story to snowfall, fx delivers edge-of-your-seat series that will leave you wanting more.
  6. Food network: For all the foodies out there, food network is the perfect place to be. It’s a paradise of cooking shows, celebrity chefs, and mouth-watering recipes. If you love baking, grilling, or just experimenting in the kitchen, then food network is the channel for you.
  7. Tlc: A lifestyle channel that focuses on fashion, travel, and entertainment. It offers a wide range of shows such as 90 day fiance, say yes to the dress, and my big fat fabulous life. If you enjoy reality tv and want to indulge in light-hearted drama, tlc is the channel to watch.
  8. National geographic: A breathtaking channel that explores the natural world and human civilization. It features stunning photography and captivating documentaries that take you on a journey to some of the world’s most remote and extraordinary places. From wildlife to history, national geographic has it all.
  9. Nickelodeon: Entertain the whole family with nickeloden. It’s a channel dedicated to delivering fun and educational shows for kids of all ages. From spongebob squarepants to paw patrol, children will have a blast watching their favorite characters.
  10. Animal planet: This channel is for animal lovers who want to learn more about our furry friends. It features amazing stories of wildlife and showcases endangered species, conservation efforts, and animal rescue missions. Animal planet is a must-have channel for anyone who wants to be in touch with the natural world.

There you have it! Our top ten must-have channels for any ultimate wowway channel list. Enjoy hours of entertainment and education from these amazing channels.

Why Do You Need An Ultimate Wowway Channel List?

Have you ever found yourself browsing through channels and struggling to find something to watch? Well, an ultimate wowway channel list can help you save time and discover new channels that you didn’t even know existed.

  • With a comprehensive channel list, you can easily scroll through channels by name, number, or network, and quickly find something that matches your interests.
  • Often, viewers can miss out on channels that they might enjoy because they just don’t know they exist. But with a complete list, scrolling through the channels is easy and less time-consuming, allowing you to explore new offerings.

Have you ever wasted hours trying to find a specific channel on tv? This is where an ultimate wowway channel list can help you save time.

  • A comprehensive channel list would help you stay on track by showing where your favorite programs are positioned and their schedule.
  • Also, with a channel list that organizes channels based on themes and networks, you can easily navigate to channels that contain similar content and save time.

How To Create Your Own Ultimate Wowway Channel List

Wowway is an american telecommunication company that provides cable tv, high-speed internet, and phone services to millions of customers across the united states. With an extensive channel list that includes popular networks, international channels, and premium movie channels, creating your own ultimate wowway channel list can seem overwhelming.

Here’s how you can create your own ultimate wowway channel list:

  • Familiarize yourself with wowway’s available channel list: The first step in creating your ultimate wowway channel list is to check the available channel list. Visit wowway’s website or contact customer support to get the latest list of available channels.
  • Determine your entertainment preferences: Before organizing your channel list, determine your entertainment preferences. Do you prefer movies, sports, news, or a combination of all? This step is crucial because it will help you select the channels you want to include in your final list.
  • Organize your channels: Creating your ultimate wowway channel list involves proper organization of channels. Categorize the channels based on your preferences. You could use categories such as movies, sports, news, entertainment, family, and kids.
  • Learn how to program your ultimate wowway channel list: Learning how to program your ultimate wowway channel list is a vital step in the process. The provider offers instructions on how to program custom channel lists on its website or via customer support.
  • Customize your channel list: Use your preferred categories to customize your ultimate wowway channel list. Delete channels you don’t watch and add channels that interest you. Remember to keep the list updated as channels come on and off the network.

Helpful Tips For Organizing And Categorizing Channels Based On Personal Preferences.

Here are a few helpful tips for organizing and categorizing channels based on your personal preferences:

  • Take advantage of wowway’s channel guide features: Wowway’s channel guide features allow you to sort channels by category or network. Using this feature saves time and makes categorizing channels a lot easier.
  • Make use of a channel listing template: A channel listing template enables you to organize channels into categories in a concise and well-structured manner. You can search online for free channel list templates or create your own.
  • Take note of the channels you regularly view: Listing out the channels you watch frequently is a good way to ensure that you do not forget to include them in your ultimate channel list.
  • Consider channel restrictions: Check if certain channels are restricted to specific packages. Sometimes channels may only be available for specific packages, and it’s essential to confirm this information before including them in your ultimate channel list.

Creating your ultimate wowway channel list will enhance your viewing experience and ensure that you watch only the channels that interest you. With these easy steps and helpful tips, you should be well on your way to having a custom wowway channel list in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions Of Wowway Channel List

What Channels Are Included On Wowway’S Basic Package?

Wowway’s basic package includes popular cable channels like abc, nbc, fox, espn, cnn, hgtv, amc, and many others.

Does Wowway Offer Premium Channels And How Do I Add Them?

Yes, wowway offers premium channels like hbo, showtime, starz, and cinemax. You can add them to your package by calling customer support or through the wowway website.

Are Local Channels Available On Wowway In My Area?

Yes, wowway offers local channels in your area. You can check the availability of local channels on the wowway website or by contacting customer support.

How Do I Find The Channel Lineup For My Wowway Package?

You can find the channel lineup for your wowway package on the wowway website or by contacting customer support.

How Much Does The Wowway Basic Package Cost Per Month?

The cost of the wowway basic package varies depending on your location, but it typically ranges from $25 to $35 per month.

What Happens If My Favorite Channel Is Not Included In My Wowway Package?

If your favorite channel is not included in your wowway package, you may be able to add it as an à la carte channel or upgrade to a higher package that includes the channel. Contact customer support for more information.


With numerous choices out there, it can be challenging to find the perfect tv service provider that meets your entertainment requirements. Wowway brings in a comprehensive list of channels to satisfy your entertainment needs. With its broad coverage and a variety of channels, wowway is definitely one of the best choices in the cable tv market.

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