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Many times some of my friends ask me what the best gaming console is or which is the best “X” gadget or how to solve “x” “y” “z” gadgets problems or how to choose the best devices at my budget?. Could you tell me, Sojib?


Oh, dear, I forget to tell you my name. Whatever this is Mohammad Sojib, who is a tech enthusiast. I love technology and playing with the latest gadgets.


Let’s come back to the points; sometimes, I go with them to buying the best “x” gadgets. Before buying, I’m researching lots of things, but no website or youtube fulfills all my requirements. They only suggest the best X products and never share how to maintain it or any drawbacks. Maybe they are just trying to sell their products.


I will give you an example: They suggest the best laptop keyboard but never tell me how to maintain it after buying it or how many drawbacks it has.


That’s was a very frustrating moment for me.

That’s why in 2018, I decide to make a website where I want to helps people to know more about gadgets like my friends.


Probably you’re looking for the best “X” gadgets or find the best gadgets solution; then, I believe TechAffix is helpful for you.


I’m not writing only the best “X” Gadgets and their solution but also write an in-depth buying guide and best way to maintain those gadgets.

I think; one question comes in your mind, “How I write or research these gadgets”?


Well, before writing a product review, I research lots of things like the manufacturer’s information, read every single piece of buyer’s reports, and the final step is sometimes I manually use it and write a helpful and resourceful review for you.


TechAffix operates on Gadgets Specs, Tips, Reviews and Buying info.

MY Promise To You

I deliver you the 100% real news and in-depth reviews.

My Mission

My mission is providing the latest and in-depth gadgets news and reviews.

MY Goal

In 2025 I want to make the best technology website from your support.

This is Mohammad Sojib and I'm a tech enthusiast. I love technology and playing with the latest gadgets.TechAfix is the site where I share everything I've learned.


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