SiriusXM Channel Lineup 2023 [With PDF]

SiriusXM Channel List

If you’re seeking a comprehensive list of SiriusXM channels list, we’ve compiled a complete guide here. Included are the channel names and numbers to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Siriusxm offers a wide range of channels that cater to the diverse preferences of its subscribers. With over 150 channels, siriusxm provides music, sports, news, talk shows, and more.

The channel lineup includes commercial-free music channels, exclusive live performances, and talk radio with celebrity hosts and experts in various fields. In addition, siriusxm has dedicated channels for sports fans, featuring live play-by-play coverage of major league games. The satellite radio company also offers comedy channels, family-friendly programming, and niche stations catering to specific genres like country, jazz, rock, and hip-hop.

Overall, siriusxm provides an extensive selection of programming for its subscribers, making it a popular choice for in-car entertainment, home audio systems, and online streaming.

SiriusXM Channel List Satellite Radio

SiriusXM Pop Tv Channels

SR. nUMVERChannel nameChannel number
1.Today’s Pop Hits02
2.Today’s Trending Hits from Pandora03
3.Trending Sounds from TikTok X04
4.Today’s Adult Hits05
5.Fresh Music Vibes06
6.Pop Hits with American Top 4007
7.Pop Hits with Original MTV VJs08
8.Pop Hits with Downtown Julie Brown09
9.Pop Hits from the 2000s10
10.Pop Hits from the 2010s11
11.’90s/2000s Pop & Rock Hits12
12.Worldwide Rhythmic Hits13
13.’90s & 2000s Pop15
14.Nice & Easy Pop16
15.Mellow Classic Rock17
16.50s Pop Hits72
17.All ’60s Hits73
18.Elvis 24/7 Live from Graceland75
19.Hot Latin Hits151
20.Music to Drive to!301
21.All Your Favorite Disney Hits302
22.Pop Music You Can Move to303
23.Music to Energize Your Soul304
24.24/7 Asian Hits by 88rising XL305
25.Songs Andy Cohen Loves312

SiriusXM Rock Tv Channels

noChannel NameChannel Number
1.The Fab Four, 24/818
2.Bob’s Music/Family Recordings19
3.Bruce Springsteen, 24/720
4.Little Steven’s Garage Rock21
5.Pearl Jam, 24/722
6.Grateful Dead, 24/723
7.Escape to Margaritaville24
8.’70s/’80s Classic Rock25
9.’60s/’70s Classic Rock26
10.Deep Classic Album Rock27
11.Classic Rock Meets New Rock28
12.The Phish Universe on SiriusXM29
13.24/7 Dave Matthews Band30
14.Music from Rock Icon Tom Petty31
15.The Whole World of U232
16.Classic Alternative33
17.’90s Alternative/Grunge34
18.Indie & Beyond35
19.New Alternative Rock36
20.New Hard Rock37
21.Ozzy’s Classic Hard Rock38
22.’80s Hair Metal & Glam39
23.Heavy Metal XL40
24.’90s/2000s Hard Rock XL41
25.Jam Bands309
26.Rock Hall Inducted Artists310
27.’70s/’80s Smooth-Sailing Soft Rock311
28.Rock & Roll Jukebox Songs313
29.Modern Punk XL314
30.Whole Lotta RHCP on SiriusXM315

SiriusXM Hip-Hop Tv Channels

NoChannel nameChannel number
1.Music Culture by Drake XL42
2.LL COOL J’s Classic Hip-Hop XL43
3.Hip-Hop Hits XL44
4.Eminem’s Hip-Hop Channel XL45
5.Hot R&B and Hip-Hop46
6.’90s & 2000s Hip-Hop/R&B XL47
7.Adult R&B Hits48
8.Classic Soul/Motown49
9.’70s/’80s R&B50
10Smooth R&B Love Songs330

SiriusXM Dance and Electronic Tv Channels

noChannel nameChannel number
1.Electronic Dance Music Hits51
2.Diplo’s Global House Party52
3.Downtempo/Deep House53
4.’70s − 2000s Dance Hits54
5.’90s/2000s Dance Hits341

SiriusXM Country Tv Channels

no.Channel nameChannel Number
1.Garth’s Music & Songs He Loves55
2.Today’s Country Hits56
3.Kenny Chesney’s Music Channel57
4.’80s/’90s Country Hits58
5.Willie’s Classic Country59
6.Music That Won’t Be Fenced In60
7.2000s Country Hits61
9.Dwight Yoakam’s Music Channel349
10.Country Bar Songs350

SiriusXM Christian Tv Channels

noChannel nameChannel number
1.Christian Pop & Rock63
2.Kirk Franklin’s Gospel Channel64
3.Southern Gospel65

SiriusXM Jazz Musical Tv Channels

noChannel NameChannel number
1.Smooth/Contemporary Jazz66
2.Classic Jazz67
3.New Age68
4.Easy Listening69
5.Standards by Sinatra & More70
6.’40s Pop Hits/Big Band71
7.B.B. King’s Blues Channel74
8.Classical Music76
9.Show Tunes77
10.Opera/Classical Vocals355

SiriusXM Family Tv Channels

noChannel nameChannel number
1.Kids’ Music78
2.Pop Hits Sung by Kids for Kids79

SiriusXM Religion Tv Channels

noChannel NameChannel number
1.Talk for Saints and Sinners129
2.Solid Catholic Talk130
3.Christian Talk131
4.Messages from Billy Graham460

SiriusXM Sports Tv Channels

noChannel nameChannel number
1.Live NFL Play-by-Play225-
2.Live MLB® Play-by-Play88
3.24/7 MLB® Talk & Play-by-Play175-
4.24/7 NASCAR® Talk & Races90
5.NTT INDYCAR® Series Racing160
6.24/7 NHL® Talk & Play-by-Play91
7.24/7 Golf Talk & Play-by-Play92
8.Live NCAA Play-by-Play190-
9.24/7 ACC Talk & Play-by-Play371
10.24/7 Big Ten Talk & Play-by-Play372
11.24/7 Pac-12 Talk & Play-by-Play373
12.24/7 SEC Talk & Play-by-Play374
13.24/7 Big 12 Talk & Play-by-Play375
14.Sports Talk from ESPN80
15.Get Up!, First Take, and SportsCenter81
16.College Sports Talk/Play-by-Play84
17.ESPN Podcasts370
18.Mad Dog Russo, Morning Men82
19.The Herd/Undisputed/Live Games83
20.Sports Talk News & Opinions85
21.Fantasy Sports Talk87
22.Combat Sports Talk156
23.Soccer Talk & Play-by-Play157
24.Sports Talk, Jim Rome158

SiriusXM Howard Stern Tv Channels

noChannel namechannel number
1.The Howard Stern Show XL100
2.The World of Howard Stern XL101

The World of Howard Stern XL

nochannel namechannel number
1.Andy Cohen & Pop Culture XL102
2.Jim & Sam/Bennington/Bonfire XL103
3.Musically Speaking106
4.The TODAY Show — On The Go108
5.Pop Culture and Lifestyle Talk XL109
6.Real Doctors, Real People110
7.Megyn Kelly, Dr. Laura & More111
8.Messages of Hope128
9.Business Radio132
10.Trucking Talk146
11.Classic Radio Shows148

SiriusXM Canadian Tv Channels

noChannel namechannel number
1.Canadian Indie Music First162
2.Francophone Pop163
3.Francophone Country Folk166
4.Canadian Current Affairs167
5.Radio-Canada News & Info170
6.New Canadian Country171
7.Final Sports Scores and Info172
8.New & Emerging Indie/Alt-Rock173
9.The New Indie Pop Alternative174
10.Americana, Roots & Folk Music359

SiriusXM News & Public Radio Tv Channels

noChannel nameChannel Number
1.CNBC Simulcast112
2.FOX Business Simulcast113
3.FOX News Simulcast114
4.FOX News Headlines, 24/7115
5.CNN Simulcast116
6.HLN Simulcast117
7.MSNBC Simulcast118
8.Business News119
9.World News120
10.CNN & HLN Original Series121
11.NPR News & Conversation122
12.Independent Public Radio123
13.Agriculture/Western Lifestyle147
14.Canada’s #1 Radio News Source169
15.News from Around the World454
16.C-SPAN Live Simulcast455

SiriusXM Politics and Issues TV Channels

NoChannel NameChannel Number
1.Politics from All Perspectives124
2.Conservative Talk125
3.Talk that Empowers126
4.Progressive Talk127

SiriusXM Traffic and Wheater TV Channels

NoChannel NameChannel Number
1.New York | Boston | Philadelphia | Washington, DC | Chicago |133-

Additional Channels Available on the SiriusXMApp


SiriusXM Music Tv Channels

NoChannel CameChannel Number
1.The Indigiverse on SiriusXM165
2.Top 500 Pop Hits Countdown550
3.’80s on 8 Top 500 Countdown!551
4.Top 500 ’90s Hits of All Time552
5.Classic Rock Top 1000553
6.Hip-Hop’s Top 500556
7.SiriusXM’s Country Top 1000558
8.Carolina R&B Beach Music701
9.One-Hit Wonders, 24/7702
10.Party Songs from the ’50s & ’60s703
11.’70s & ’80s Super Party Hits704
12.’80s & ’90s Party Hits705
13.Reimagined Pop & Rock Classics706
14.Love Songs708
15.Bon Jovi and Jon’s Other Faves709
16.Eclectic Rock710
17.Tom Petty’s Buried Treasure, 24/7711
18.Marky Ramone’s Classic Punk712
19.Emotionally Driven Alt Rock713
20.First-generation Indie Rock714
21.Non-Stop Classic Rock715
22.Recent Live Music716
23.Happy Songs for a Celebration718
24.Sway’s Lifestyle Channel XL720
25.The Coolest Songs in the World!721
27.Nonstop Hip-Hop Mixes XL723
28.Emerging Hip-Hop & Stars XL724
29.Steve Aoki’s Favorite Remixes735
30.Trance & Progressive Dance736
32.Classical Pops745
33.Miles Davis Music 24/7747
34.Francophone Holiday Music753
35.Pop Hits of the ’90s & 2000s754
36.French ’80s/’90s Pop-Rock Hits756
37.The Tragically Hip Radio757
38.Canada’s Biggest Rock Hits758
39.French Canadian Hits759
40.Cuban Music with Chucho Valdés760
41.Regional Mexican Music761
42.Ballads in Spanish & English762
43.Today’s Latin Pop Hits763
44.Latin Love Songs764
45.Latin Urban Music765
46.Latin Jazz766
47.Classic Salsa767
48.Latin Rock768
49.Traditional Holiday Music769


NoChannel NameChannel Number
1.Live NFL Play-by-Play800-
2.Live MLB® Play-by-Play840-
3.Live NBA Play-by-Play880-
4.Live NHL® Play-by-Play920-
5.College Sports Play-by-Play & More953-


No.Channel NameChannel Number
1.One and Only George Carlin XL770
2.The Funniest Female Comedians XL771
3.Classic Stand-Up Comedy XL772


NoChannel nameChannel Number
1.Sports and Entertainment Talk145
2.Christian Hip-Hop Music & Talk154
3.Asian Television Network796

News, Talk and Entertainment

NoChannel nameChannel Number
1.Pop Culture Recaps and Specials790
2.The Hidden Side of Everything791
3.Your Trusted Voice on Money792
4.CNN’s 24-Hour794

New SiriusXM Channels List

These are the newly launched SiriusXM channel List

  • The 10s Spot -10
  • Mosaic – 15
  • The Pulse – Ch. 5 (formerly 15)
  • The Coffee House – Ch. 6 (formerly 14)
  • Siriusly Sinatra – Ch. 70 (formerly 71)
  • ’50s Gold – Ch. 72 (formerly 50s on 5)
  • ’60s Gold – Ch. 73 (formerly 60s on 6)
  • On Broadway – Ch. 77 (formerly 72)
  • Kidz Bop – Ch. 79 (formerly 77)
  • SiriusXM Love – streaming-only channel
  • SoulCycle Radio – streaming-only channel
  • 40s Junction – streaming-only channel

SiriusXM Streaming Only Channel List

  1. SXM Limited Edition 1
  2. SXM Limited Edition 2
  3. SXM Limited Edition 3
  4. SXM Limited Edition 5
  5. SXM Limited Edition 6
  6. SXM Limited Edition 8
  7. SXM Limited Edition 10
  8. SXM Limited Edition 11
  9. SXM Limited Edition 12
  10. Pop Top 500
  11. 80s on 8 Top 500
  12. 90s on 9 Top 500
  13. Classic Rock Top 1000
  14. Hip-Hop Top 500
  15. Country Top 1000
  16. Billboard Top 500 Summer Hits
  17. Carolina Shag Radio
  18. ONEderland
  19. Oldies Party
  20. 70s/80s Pop
  21. 80s/90s Pop
  22. Elevations
  23. SiriusXM Love
  24. Bon Jovi Radio
  25. The Loft
  26. Tom Petty’s Buried Treasure
  27. Marky Ramone’s Punk Rock Blitzkrieg
  28. The Emo Project
  29. Indie 1.0
  30. Classic Rock Party
  31. Radio
  32. Celebrate!
  33. Sway’s Universe
  34. Little Steven’s Coolest Songs
  35. The Joint
  36. LL COOL J’s Rock the Bells – Mixdown
  37. SoundCloud Radio
  38. Steve Aoki’s Remix Radio
  39. A State of Armin
  40. The Village
  41. SiriusXM Pops
  42. Miles Davis Radio
  43. Noël Incontournable
  44. Poplandia
  45. Les Tubes 80-90
  46. The Tragically Hip Radio
  47. Iceberg
  48. Attitude Franco
  49. Chucho Valdes’ Cuba & Beyond
  50. Águila
  51. Caricia
  52. Viva
  53. Latidos
  54. Flow Nación
  55. Luna
  56. Rumbón
  57. La Kueva
  58. Carlin’s Corner
  59. She’s So Funny
  60. Comedy Classics
  61. Holiday Traditions
  62. Entertainment Now
  63. Freakonomics Radio Network
  64. Ramsey Network
  65. SiriusXM Preview
  66. CNN en Español
  67. ATN
  68. Arizona Cardinals
  69. Atlanta Falcons
  70. Baltimore Ravens
  71. Buffalo Bills
  72. Carolina Panthers
  73. Chicago Bears
  74. Cincinnati Bengals
  75. Cleveland Browns
  76. Dallas Cowboys
  77. Denver Broncos
  78. Detroit Lions
  79. Green Bay Packers
  80. Houston Texans
  81. Indianapolis Colts
  82. Jacksonville Jaguars
  83. Kansas City Chiefs
  84. Las Vegas Raiders
  85. Los Angeles Chargers
  86. Los Angeles Rams
  87. Miami Dolphins
  88. Minnesota Vikings
  89. New England Patriots
  90. New Orleans Saints
  91. New York Giants
  92. New York Jets
  93. Philadelphia Eagles
  94. Pittsburgh Steelers
  95. San Francisco 49ers
  96. Seattle Seahawks
  97. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  98. Tennessee Titans
  99. Washington Commanders
  100. Arizona Diamondbacks
  101. Atlanta Braves
  102. Baltimore Orioles
  103. Boston Red Sox
  104. Chicago Cubs
  105. Chicago White Sox
  106. Cincinnati Reds
  107. Cleveland Guardians
  108. Colorado Rockies
  109. Detroit Tigers
  110. Houston Astros
  111. Kansas City Royals
  112. Los Angeles Angels
  113. Los Angeles Dodgers
  114. Miami Marlins
  115. Milwaukee Brewers
  116. Minnesota Twins
  117. New York Mets
  118. New York Yankees
  119. Oakland Athletics
  120. Philadelphia Phillies
  121. Pittsburgh Pirates
  122. San Diego Padres
  123. San Francisco Giants
  124. Seattle Mariners
  125. St. Louis Cardinals
  126. Tampa Bay Rays
  127. Texas Rangers
  128. Toronto Blue Jays
  129. Washington Nationals
  130. Atlanta Hawks
  131. Boston Celtics
  132. Brooklyn Nets
  133. Charlotte Hornets
  134. Chicago Bulls
  135. Cleveland Cavaliers
  136. Dallas Mavericks
  137. Denver Nuggets
  138. Detroit Pistons
  139. Golden State Warriors
  140. Houston Rockets
  141. Indiana Pacers
  142. Los Angeles Clippers
  143. Los Angeles Lakers
  144. Memphis Grizzlies
  145. Miami Heat
  146. Milwaukee Bucks
  147. Minnesota Timberwolves
  148. New Orleans Pelicans
  149. New York Knicks
  150. Oklahoma City Thunder
  151. Orlando Magic
  152. Philadelphia 76ers
  153. Phoenix Suns
  154. Portland Trail Blazers
  155. Sacramento Kings
  156. San Antonio Spurs
  157. Toronto Raptors
  158. Utah Jazz
  159. Washington Wizards
  160. Anaheim Ducks
  161. Arizona Coyotes
  162. Boston Bruins
  163. Buffalo Sabres
  164. Calgary Flames
  165. Carolina Hurricanes
  166. Chicago Blackhawks
  167. Colorado Avalanche
  168. Columbus Blue Jackets
  169. Dallas Stars
  170. Detroit Red Wings
  171. Edmonton Oilers
  172. Florida Panthers
  173. Los Angeles Kings
  174. Minnesota Wild
  175. Montreal Canadiens
  176. Nashville Predators
  177. New Jersey Devils
  178. New York Islanders
  179. New York Rangers
  180. Ottawa Senators
  181. Philadelphia Flyers
  182. Pittsburgh Penguins
  183. San Jose Sharks
  184. Seattle Kraken
  185. St. Louis Blues
  186. Tampa Bay Lightning
  187. Toronto Maple Leafs
  188. Vancouver Canucks
  189. Vegas Golden Knights
  190. Washington Capitals
  191. Winnipeg Jets
  192. Sports Play-by-Play 953
  193. Sports Play-by-Play 954
  194. Sports Play-by-Play 955
  195. Sports Play-by-Play 956
  196. Sports Play-by-Play 957
  197. Sports Play-by-Play 958
  198. Sports Play-by-Play 959
  199. Sports Play-by-Play 960
  200. Sports Play-by-Play 961
  201. Sports Play-by-Play 962
  202. Sports Play-by-Play 963
  203. Sports Play-by-Play 964
  204. Sports Play-by-Play 965
  205. Sports Play-by-Play 966
  206. Sports Play-by-Play 967
  207. Sports Play-by-Play 968
  208. Sports Play-by-Play 969
  209. Sports Play-by-Play 970
  210. Sports Play-by-Play 971
  211. Sports Play-by-Play 972
  212. Sports Play-by-Play 973
  213. Sports Play-by-Play 974
  214. Sports Play-by-Play 975
  215. Sports Play-by-Play 976
  216. Sports Play-by-Play 977
  217. Sports Play-by-Play 978
  218. Sports Play-by-Play 979
  219. Sports Play-by-Play 980
  220. Sports Play-by-Play 981
  221. Sports Play-by-Play 982
  222. Sports Play-by-Play 983
  223. Sports Play-by-Play 984
  224. Sports Play-by-Play 985
  225. Sports Play-by-Play 986
  226. Sports Play-by-Play 987
  227. Sports Play-by-Play 988
  228. Sports Play-by-Play 989
  229. Sports Play-by-Play 990
  230. Sports Play-by-Play 991
  231. Sports Play-by-Play 992
  232. Sports Play-by-Play 993
  233. Sports Play-by-Play 994
  234. Hits 1 Hitbound
  235. Hits 1 Top Hits
  236. Hits 1 Workout
  237. New Music Mash
  238. Pulse Top Hits
  239. 50s/60s Pop Hits
  240. 60s/70s
  241. Love 70s Hits
  242. 70s, 80s, 90s
  243. 70s/80s
  244. 80s/90s
  245. 90s & 2Ks
  246. 2Ks to Now Pop Hits
  247. 80s On 8 Top 100
  248. 80s on 8 Workout
  249. 80s on 8 Party
  250. 80s Mellow Hits
  251. 90s on 9 Party
  252. 90s On 9 Top 100
  253. 90s on 9 Workout
  254. 90s Mellow Hits
  255. Pop2K Top 100
  256. Pop2K Workout
  257. Pop2K Party
  258. 2Ks Mellow Hits
  259. Heat Workout
  260. Hip-Hop New & Classic
  261. Alt R&B
  262. Pop2K Hip-Hop Hits
  263. Joint Top 100
  264. Joint Reggae Vibes
  265. Chillhop
  266. Pop & Dance Mix
  267. 70s on 7 Dance/R&B
  268. 80s on 8 Dance
  269. 90s on 9 Dance
  270. Pop2K Dance Hits
  271. BPM Top Hits
  272. BPM Discovery
  273. BPM Workout
  274. Chill Instrumental
  275. Rocking Country BBQ
  276. Today’s Country BBQ
  277. 90s to Now Country Hits
  278. Prime Country Top 100
  279. Prime Country 80s Hits
  280. Prime Country Party
  281. Highway On The Horizon
  282. Highway Top Hits
  283. Country & Pop Party
  284. Country Classics Mix
  285. Y2Kountry Top 100
  286. Y2Kountry Party
  287. Country n Chill
  288. Watercolors Instrumental
  289. Spa Instrumental
  290. Yoga
  291. Elevations Pop
  292. Velvet
  293. Salsa Party
  294. Viva Latin Hits
  295. Caliente Discovery
  296. Country & Pop Mix
  297. Pop/Hip-Hop/Country
  298. 80s, 90s & 2Ks
  299. 90s Rock & Hip-Hop
  300. Country & Pop Classics
  301. Tailgating Anthems
  302. Wedding Party
  303. Prom Radio
  304. Tom Morello’s Heavy Metal Happy Hour Radio
  305. Tom Morello’s Riffs, Rhymes & Rebellion Radio
  306. Tom Morello’s Battle Hymns Radio
  307. 1st Wave Deep Cuts
  308. Broadway Classics
  309. Coffee House Discovery
  310. Classic Chill
  311. Queens of Pop
  312. Spectrum of Hip-Hop
  313. Lithium Deep Cuts
  314. Krishna Das Yoga Radio
  315. 90s R&B Jams
  316. Boy Bands
  317. The Covers Channel
  318. Dead Tracks
  319. Dead Archive
  320. LL COOL J’s Rock the Bells – B-Sides
  321. LL COOL J’s Rock the Bells – Clean Versions
  322. Bob Marley’s Tuff Beats
  323. Bob Marley’s Tuff Soca
  324. Lithium Icons
  325. Lithium Stripped
  326. The Big Easy
  327. SiriusXM Comes Alive!
  328. Viva 90s/2Ks Hits
  329. Hyperpop
  330. Tropix
  331. Y’allternative
  332. Queens of Hip-Hop
  333. Women of Country
  334. Women of Rock
  335. 90s on 9 Just Music
  336. Alt Nation Just Music
  337. BPM Just Music
  338. Hits 1 Just Music
  339. Lithium Just Music
  340. Octane Just Music
  341. Pop2K Just Music
  342. Heat Just Music
  343. Highway Just Music
  344. Pulse Just Music
  345. 70s/80s Instrumentals
  346. 90s/2Ks Instrumentals
  347. Acoustic Guitar Instmntl
  348. Hip-Hop/R&B Instrumentals
  349. Instrumental Covers
  350. Piano Instrumentals
  351. Soothe
  352. Strings
  353. Surf Instrumentals
  354. Tranquil
  355. 60s Gold Just Music
  356. 70s on 7 Just Music
  357. 80s on 8 Deep Cuts
  358. 90s on 9 Deep Cuts
  359. Classic Rewind Deep Cuts
  360. lassic Rewind Just Music
  361. Classic Vinyl Just Music
  362. Deep Tracks Just Music
  363. Fly Deep Cuts
  364. Hair Nation Deep Cuts
  365. Octane Deep Cuts
  366. Ozzy’s Boneyard Deep Cuts
  367. Pop2K Deep Cuts
  368. Prime Country Deep Cuts
  369. Prime Country Just Music
  370. Real Jazz Just Music
  371. Soul Town Just Music
  372. Symphony Hall Just Music
  373. Turbo Deep Cuts
  374. Watercolors Just Music
  375. Yacht Rock Deep Cuts
  376. 2010s Hip-Hop
  377. Cinemagic
  378. Happy Radio
  379. 88rising’s K-Pop Radio
  380. SiriusXM Guitar Greats
  381. Alegría
  382. Feel-Good Hip-Hop/R&B
  383. Happy Country
  384. Happy Dance‘\
  385. Happy Oldies
  386. Happy Rock
  387. One Man Revolution
  388. World Wide Rebel Radio
  389. The Sleep Channel
  390. The Pop Off

SiriusXM TV Plans

Car + Streaming

IndexPlatinumMusic & EntertainmentMusic Showcase
425+ Channels
165+ in your car
400+ Channels
155+ in your car
100+ Channels
80+ in your car
Introductory Pricing3 mos. for $1
then $22.99/mo
3 mos. for $1
then $17.99/mo
3 mos. for $1
then $12.99/mo
Ad-free music in all genres and decadesYesYesYes
Artist-curated music channelsYesYesYes
News and politics from every angleYesYes
Celebrity-hosted talk and comedyYesYes
Unparalleled sports talk and analysisYesYes
Live NHL games, NASCAR, and PGA TOURYes
Live NFL, MLB, and NBA gamesYesYes
Personalized Pandora StationsYes
Original and popular podcast seriesYesYes
Exclusive SXM in-studio videoYesYesYes

Siriusxm Streaming Plans

IndexStreaming PlatinumStreaming Music & EntertainmentStreaming Music Showcase
Channels425+ Channels400+ Channels100+ Channels
Introductory Pricing3 mos. for $1
then $10.99/mo
3 mos. for $1
then $7.99/mo
3 mos. for $1
then $4.99/mo
Ad-free music in all genres and decadesYesYesYes
Artist-curated music channelsYesYesYes
News and politics from every angleYesYes
Celebrity-hosted talk and comedyYesYesYes
Unparalleled sports talk and analysisYesYes
Live NHL games, NASCAR, and PGA TOURYes
Live NFL, MLB, and NBA gamesYesYes
Personalized Pandora StationsYes
Original and popular podcast seriesYesYes
Exclusive SXM in-studio videoYesYesYes

TechAffix Insider

From live games to analysis and commentary, these channels cover it all. Here we listed the most popular sports channels on siriusxm include:

  • Espn radio (channel 80): Tune in to hear live games and sports talk from espn’s top personalities.
  • Siriusxm nfl radio (channel 88): Get the latest news, analysis, and interviews from the nfl world.
  • Mlb network radio (channel 89): Stay up to date with all things baseball, including live games, analysis, and interviews.
  • Siriusxm nba radio (channel 86): Keep up with the latest news and analysis from the world of basketball.

Siriusxm is known for its extensive selection of music channels, covering everything from pop and rock to jazz and classical. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste. Here we listed the most popular music channels on siriusxm include:

  • The beatles channel (channel 18): This channel is dedicated to the music of the beatles and their solo work.
  • Pop2k (channel 10): Relive the early 2000s with this channel featuring hits from the turn of the century.
  • Siriusxm hits 1 (channel 2): Stay up to date with the latest pop hits, featuring exclusive interviews and performances.

Looking for some non-music programming options? Siriusxm has you covered with a variety of entertainment channels that cover everything from comedy to talk shows. Here are the most popular options:

  • Howard stern (channel 100): The king of all media hosts his own channel featuring interviews, show highlights, and more.
  • E! Entertainment radio (channel 109): Stay up to date with the latest celebrity news and gossip.
  • Raw dog comedy (channel 99): Laugh out loud with uncensored comedy from both established and up-and-coming comedians.

If you’re looking for spanish-language programming, siriusxm has several channels dedicated to latino content. Here we listed the most popular options:

  • Caliente (channel 158): This channel features the latest in latin pop, tropical, and regional mexican music.
  • Viva (channel 761): Stay up to date with the latest news and entertainment from latin america.
  • Espn deportes radio (channel 149): Get live coverage of your favorite sports in spanish.

Exclusive Siriusxm Channels

Siriusxm is a satellite and online radio service that boasts over 150 channels. Among these channels are exclusive channels that cannot be found anywhere else. Let’s take a look at some of these exclusive siriusxm channels.

Siriusxm Originals

Siriusxm originals are exclusive shows and programming that are produced by siriusxm. They cover a wide range of topics and genres, including music, sports, comedy, and politics. Some of the popular siriusxm originals include:

  • Andy cohen’s deep & shallow interviews: Hosted by bravo’s andy cohen, this series features interviews with celebrities from various fields, ranging from entertainment to politics.
  • The morning mashup: A live morning show featuring interviews with celebrities, news, and entertainment updates.
  • The howard stern show: Howard stern’s show has been a staple on siriusxm for years, and it remains one of the most popular shows on the platform.

Howard Stern Channels

Howard stern is a legendary radio personality who has an exclusive channel on siriusxm. The howard stern channel features uncensored content from howard stern’s vast archive, including full shows and interviews. The channel also features new programming that includes shows hosted by some of howard stern’s longtime collaborators.

Some of the shows on the howard stern channels include:

  • The howard stern show
  • The wrap-up show: This show features behind-the-scenes discussions about the howard stern show and includes contributions from the show’s staff and guests.
  • Sternthology: This show features classic moments from the howard stern show’s extensive archive.

Pandora Now

Pandora now is a channel on siriusxm that features the latest and greatest in popular music. The channel is curated by the team at pandora, which is now owned by siriusxm, and features a mix of established and up-and-coming artists.

Some of the features of pandora now include:

  • New music: Listeners can hear the latest tracks from their favourite artists and discover new music from up-and-coming stars.
  • Themed playlists: The channel features themed playlists that are curated by music experts and celebrities.
  • Interviews: Listeners can hear interviews with artists, and get a behind-the-scenes look at the music industry.

Overall, siriusxm’s exclusive channels offer a wide range of programming that cannot be found anywhere else. Whether you’re looking for the latest in popular music or exclusive shows hosted by your favourite celebrities, siriusxm has something for everyone.

How To Get The Most Out Of Siriusxm

Siriusxm is a popular satellite radio service that offers a vast range of music, talk, and sports channels for subscribers. While many people already use it on their daily commute, there are several ways to get the most out of its features and channels.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you maximize your siriusxm experience:

Tips And Tricks

  • Explore the different channels: Siriusxm offers channels for all kinds of music genres, from country to classic rock. Check out the music channels, and find new songs and artists you might not have heard before.
  • Use personalized stations: The mysxm feature allows you to create personalized stations based on your favorite artists or songs. This feature helps you discover new music similar to your preferences and eliminate channels that don’t fit your taste.
  • Record shows and songs: You can save your favorite songs or programs by recording them using the siriusxm app or web player. This feature allows you to listen to them anytime you want without missing out on any of your preferred shows or songs.
  • Use the siriusxm app: The siriusxm app lets you listen to your favorite channels on the go, set alerts for upcoming shows, and manage your subscription. You can also use the app to access exclusive content and channels.
  • Enhance your listening experience with accessories: To get the most out of siriusxm, you can consider investing in high-quality headphones or a sound system. Using accessories can help you enjoy a more immersive listening experience.

Comparison With Other Platforms

When compared to other music streaming services like pandora or spotify, siriusxm offers unique content and features that make it stand out. Here are a few key differences:

  • Exclusive content: Siriusxm offers exclusive content and channels that you won’t find on other platforms. Some of the exclusive content includes exclusive interviews with popular artists and live broadcasts of sporting events.
  • No ads on some channels: Some siriusxm channels offer ad-free listening, unlike other music streaming services that rely heavily on ads to generate revenue.
  • Diverse range of channels: With over 150 channels available, siriusxm offers a more diverse range of options than most other music streaming services. From talk shows to sports, there’s something for everyone on siriusxm.
  • Limited customization: Unlike other music streaming services, siriusxm does not offer extensive customization options for its channels. However, the mysxm feature allows subscribers to personalize their listening experience to some extent.

Overall, siriusxm is an excellent choice for people looking for a unique satellite radio experience. With its vast range of channels and exclusive content, it offers a listening experience that goes beyond what other platforms can provide.

Frequently Asked Questions On Siriusxm Channel List

What Channels Are On Siriusxm?

Siriusxm provides over 150 channels of commercial-free music, live sports, top news, and comedy. Additionally, the service also offers talk radio, entertainment, and traffic and weather updates.

How Much Does Siriusxm Cost Per Month?

The cost of siriusxm varies based on the package. The cheapest one starts at $10. 99 per month and includes all music, sports, news, and comedy channels. The premier package costs $21. 99 per month, including additional premium channels.

Can I Get Siriusxm In My Car?

Yes, siriusxm works in most cars on the road. Some carmakers even provide built-in satellite radios that can be activated with a siriusxm subscription. You can also listen to siriusxm on your phone, computer, or tablet with the app.

Does Siriusxm Have A Free Trial?

Yes. Siriusxm offers a free trial for new customers. The trial provides a 3-month subscription to either ‘siriusxm premier’ or one of its streaming packages. After the trial, you can continue with a paid subscription unless you cancel.

What Is Siriusxm Select Package?

Siriusxm select is the basic package that offers over 140 channels, including commercial-free music channels, news, sports, and comedy. It costs $10. 99 per month and provides various channels on entertainment, music, sports, news, and exclusive programming.

Can I Listen To Siriusxm Outside The Us?

Yes, siriusxm offers international satellite and streaming service. However, some international service may not contain all u. s. programming and channels. Additionally, there may be different pricing, channel lineups, and subscription packages available in different markets.


From sports to music to talk shows, siriusxm offers an impressive range of channels for every individual. With the siriusxm channel list, you can explore and personalize your listening experience, ensuring that you never miss a beat. From classic rock to hip hop and from nfl radio to news channels, siriusxm has got it all covered.

Additionally, siriusxm offers exclusive content that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. So whether you’re driving your car or sitting in your living room, siriusxm has a channel for you. Moreover, with its user-friendly interface, siriusxm makes it easy for you to find your favorite channels and save them for easy access.

So if you’re a music lover or a sports enthusiast, give siriusxm a try and discover the wonders of satellite radio.

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