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TechAffix provides you gadgets deals, reviews, product buying advice, competitions, unmissable trending news and more! TechAffix accepts all devices, software, and accessories for review. To submit a product for consideration send an email to


Our promise to our reader’s:

We don’t take any payment to review gadgets. We produce only unbiased & honest reviews on the product there is no limit of appreciation or criticism. We only share our own personal experience with a particular product, not what the advertisers want us to say.

Our Review Policy Guidelines

We set some guidelines to review a product, which either we purchase, or we receive for a review from the brand as a review unit. If we receive the device from the brand as a gift we use that product in the best possible way. Sometimes we get product prior to the market launch, we agree to an embargo with the company or the PR firm associated with it, and only after the public launch, the review is published on our website.

If any Brand Reach us to make the promotion of any product and pay us handsome money we will do that but we always put a note in the description and doesn’t give any verdict on that particular product and never say anything like to buy or not to buy that product to our viewers.



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